Car Window Sun Shades [2PCS]
Car Window Sun Shades [2PCS]
Car Window Sun Shades [2PCS]
Car Window Sun Shades [2PCS]
Car Window Sun Shades [2PCS]
Car Window Sun Shades [2PCS]
Car Window Sun Shades [2PCS]

Car Window Sun Shades [2PCS]

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How Prepared are You to Beat the Heat this Summer!

 This UV protection Window Film keeps your car's interior cooler and protects your car's interior from fading due to strong UV rays.

  • Saves Energy & MoneyYour car’s air conditioning system takes a beating every time it’s forced to bring scorching interior temperatures down to habitable levels, which also increases maintenance costs down the line & reduces fuel efficiency
  • Protection from Sun's Scorching Heat: Prevents you from breaking into sweat within the seconds you entered in your car, as this Diyos Window Film protects the car's interior against heat
  • Car Gets Cooler Faster: As it prevents the car's interior from heat, the car cools much faster, this puts less strain on the car air conditioners.
  • Protects your health: This Film protects your car' s interior from strong UV rays which otherwise results in your car's interior fading over time. These UV rays have a very harmful effect on your skin too. This Window film protects you from exposure to harmful UV lights.
  • Improved Privacy: Prevents prying eyes from seeing into the interior of your car.
  • Foldable: Easy to store as and carry around as it is can be easily folded
  • Easy to Install: Just slide it on your car's window frame. It stays on even when you open the window
  • Universal Fit: Made of stretchy-mesh material which can be adjusted depending on the window size.

A Closer Look At How it Looks!


  • Material: Mesh Fabric
  • Color: Black
  • WIdth: 110CMS
  • Height: 52CMS

 Why Not Stay Cool While Upgrading Your Car's Performance!