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GERMCLEAN Pro™ Band - The Effective Way to Sanitize Hands & Protect Yourself & Your Family!

When your hands have germs on them, the last thing you want to do is use both your hands to take a bottle out of your backpack, fumble with the cap, and THEN spray the sanitizer on your hands. When you actively need to touch multiple objects in the very process of sanitizing your hands, you’re actively (and constantly) leaving germs on those areas. 

GERMCLEAN Pro™ Band, a wrist-mounted sprayer, squeezes away germs on the go, regardless of where you are! GERMCLEAN Pro™ Band sits  in a place that’s easy to access with a single motion, and you’re just one-button press away from sanitation. GERMCLEAN Pro™ Band pumps disinfectant into your palm with just the push of a button. Also, makes it easy to carry hand sanitizer with you at all times!

GERMCLEAN Pro™ Band Your Personal Wearable Hand Sanitizer!

✔ Wear Comfortably On Your Wrist:

Keeps your GERMCLEAN Pro™ Band within reach – Simply wear it on your wrist for fast and efficient hygiene, and protection.

✔ Perfect For Your Busy Life: 

GERMCLEAN Pro™ Band is the convenient, durable, sleek wrist band that suits your busy lifestyle. You NEVER will have to search for a sanitizer, lotion again!

 Easy to Use:  

When you press the button with your thumb, the GERMCLEAN Pro™ Band will dispense the optimal amount of sanitizer right into your palm, thereby letting you distribute sanitizer in an easy and efficient way while still avoiding any possibility of contamination.

Ergonomic One-Hand Use Design:

GERMCLEAN Pro™ Band's  ergonomic design  allows for one-hand use – no juggling caps and bottles between hands.

 Carry-on Friendly: 

The GERMCLEAN Pro™ Band Sanitizer is completely carry-on friendly falls under the airport regulations liquid limit.

✔ Reusable/ Refillable

GERMCLEAN Pro™ Band bottle design is reusable. When the sanitizer is empty, refill with any sanitizer to keep on the move. You can easily refill the bottle multiple times from an inlet at the side, helping you save money and safeguard your health

 Lightweight & Universal Size: 

Super lightweight, simple, compact, and adjustable belt that can fit onto any size wrist

Squeezes away germs on the go!

Studies show 80% of bacteria and viruses are transferred to your body via your hands, so it only makes sense to carry around disinfectant anywhere you go, especially in current times! The unique wrist band disinfectant sprayer is perfect for use at home, at work, on the go, while traveling, and more.

How To Use:

  • Simply lift the refill cap and insert hand sanitizer, lotion or product of your choice into the band's refill cap. Firmly close the cap when full.
  • To dispense, squeeze the top button to dispense the desired amount.

Package Contents:


1 X GERMCLEAN Pro™ Bottle



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