Utensils Munchkin Toddler Feeding Bowl Set - DiyosWorld
Utensils Munchkin Toddler Feeding Bowl Set - DiyosWorld
Utensils Munchkin Toddler Feeding Bowl Set - DiyosWorld
Utensils Munchkin Toddler Feeding Bowl Set RED - DiyosWorld
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Munchkin Toddler Feeding Bowl Set

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One in All Feeding Bowl to Avoid Spills! This Bowl Won't Move No Matter How Hard Your Little One Tries..

We all know how messy it can get when your toddler eats from a regular bowl; most of the soup in the bowl is spilled on the floor, leaving you with having to clean all that mess..

Not With this Munchkin Toddler Feeding Bowl which is designed to just PREVENT that!


This Munchkin Toddler Feeding Bowl sticks to a flat surface due to its suction base to prevent your baby from lifting it and keeps your toddler sitting in one place - which otherwise is impossible!

Simply stick the suction to the table or high chair, and lift with the easy release tab when meal time is done.

The bowl has tall, curved sides to help toddlers self-feed, too

It comes with a TEMPERATURE SENSING SPOON using which you will be able to check if the temperature of the food. Simply just dip the spoon in the meal, if the spoon changes color, it means that the food is still hot and you may have to wait until you can feed it to your child - This feature is an easy way to ensure if the food temperature is appropriate for your little one

Top part of the spoon maintains its color when the temperature is LESS THAN 40 degree Celsius; Top part of the spoon becomes transparent if the temperature is MORE THAN 40 degree celsius

Soft Spoon Texture keeping in mind little one's delicate gums

Microwave & Dish-washing Safe

Safe Material, Non-toxic and BPA FREE

Ideal for both Infant and Toddler feeding

Comes with 1 Bowls, Snap-tight lid and 1 Spoon & 1 Fork


WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY [View all under the reviews section]

"Wow the spoon changes color when food is hot. and thats really helpful.. my son is delighted"

"Excellent plate... It is just perfect for my son, everything is in order. The Bowl sticks great on the table and the Spoon temperature changing feature is so helpful. Thank you"

Why Not Prevent Spills by Using this Bowl to Feed Your Little One!


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