Cute Leather Cartoon Plush Bag


Are You Looking For A Way to Flaunt Your Love For This Cartoon Character?

If Yes, then take a look at this Cartoon Inspired Bag that you can take with you everywhere and flaunt your love!

Leather Cartoon-inspired bag that comes in 4 different styles featuring your favourite Cartoon design.

Made from high quality soft & durable PU leather.

Style 1: Cartoon Hand -Bag featuring your favourite cartoon handprint, dual cartoon designed hanging zippers and the adjustable chain-and-leather handle adapts to shoulder or cross-body wear.

Style 2: Throw Bag:Throw Bag featuring your favorite cartoon hand print , cartoon-shaped face, and adjustable strap that lengthens for a modern, cross-body carry.

Style 3: Bucket Bag - Bucket Bag featuring your favorite cartoon, dual cartoon  hand designed hanging zippers and adjustable strap that lengthens for a modern, cross-body carry.

Style 4: Envelop Bag -Envelop Bag featuring your favorite cartoon hand print, snap button fastening and adjustable strap that lengthens for a modern, cross-body carry.



30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, rest assured we will refund you the entire amount - No Questions Asked! Making it totally a ZERO RISK purchase.
Customer Support: Our dream team diligently works to ensure that you have no problem whatsoever and all your queries are answered right in time! Contact us at support@diyosworld - our team will be very happy to help!

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